Divorce and Family Law: Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

When a parent or child is a victim or violence or has been threatened, then the court will issue a Protection Order to protect that person. The order bars the accused person from contacting the protected person or even from coming within a certain distance from them.

Acts or claims of domestic violence are an unfortunately common part of many divorce or custody cases. The victims of domestic violence or threats are afraid for their safety or the safety of their child and want protection. The accused person is cut off from contact with their spouse or partner and their child. The accused person may believe that their accuser has blown events out of proportion, and is using the court to punish them.

The court will set out an order tailored to the parties and the claims that have been made. An order can prohibit contact with the accusing person, but still allow contact and visitation with the children.

If you or your child are a victim of domestic violence or threats, I can help you obtain a Protection Order. If someone brings a Protection Order against you, then I can help you through the court process and help draft an order that meets your needs.

If you need help with a Protection Order issue, then give me a call to set up a free half hour consultation.


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