DUI: Field Sobriety Tests

Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) are a system of physical tests frequently administered by police officer to a person they suspect was driving under the influence. It is the infamous walk the strait line, touch your nose, and say the alphabet test. The primary purpose of the FSTs is to find probable cause to arrest you.

The tests are “voluntary,” but many officers state the “request” as an order. Many lawyers advise their clients not to take the FST’s because it just gives the police officer more proof of their intoxication. Many sober people cannot successfully pass the tests.

Due to the complexity of giving the test, many officers do it incorrectly. If the test is not done correctly, then it is not admissible in court. I will review your case and the FSTs to see if mistakes were made. If there was a mistake, I will fight to get the test thrown out of court.

If you want to challenge your Field Sobriety Tests, then call me to set up a free consultation.


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