Eviction Rates

“Fast Track” Method

The fee for this is $900.00, which includes all attorney fees, service fees and court fees up through the Show Cause hearing. It also includes creation and service of the initial notice to the tenant.
I recommend this method when the Landlord wants the quickest possible eviction and knows that the tenant will fight the eviction or has no intention of moving out until the Sheriff shows up at the door..
I have the tenant served with the notice, create and file the Summons and Complaint, set up a Show Cause Hearing, have the Tenants served with the court papers, and represent the Landlord in the Show Cause Hearing. It can offer a significant savings over the “Piece by Piece” Method if the Tenant fights to the very end.

“Piece by Piece” Method

Creation and Service of Notice on the Tenant $80.00
(Three-Day Notice to Pay or Vacate; Ten-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate; Twenty-Day
Notice to Vacate; or Three-Day Notice to Vacate for Nuisance, Waste or Illegal Activity)

Creation and Service of Unfiled Summons and Complaint $140.00

Appearance at Show Cause Hearing:

Default (Tenant fails to Appear): $400.00

Hearing (Tenant Appears) $650.00

Other Costs: These are costs charged by the Court or the Sheriff and must be paid in the “Piece by Piece” Eviction Method

Filing Fee:
Default: $75.00

Show Cause Hearing or Tenant Answers: $112.00

Ex Parte Fee: $30.00-60.00

Writ Fee: To get Writ Issued, telling the Sheriff to evict: $20.00

Sheriffs Fee for Physical Eviction: $100.00-200.00



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