Divorce and Family Law: Child Custody and Visitation

Every parent has a right to see their child. If there is a minor child, one parent is designated as the primary custodial parent. The other parent is called the non-custodial parent. The document that sets out custody and visitation is called the Custody Order or the Parenting Plan. The orders detail when the child spends residential time with each parent, describes a dispute resolution process, and says who has decision making ability.

I can help you draft a Parenting Plan that will take into account the best interests of the child and your need to spend time with your child.

Deciding who is the primary custodial parent can be one of the most fought over areas in a contested divorce. It is usually clear who should be the primary parent, but sometimes there are factors such as abuse, neglect, or drug or alcohol dependency that make the court believe that the custody with the other parent is in the best interest of the child. Fighting a battle over custody can be traumatic for both the parents and the child. I have experience in helping parents through this difficult and emotionally draining process.

If you need help with your Custody or Visitation issue, then give me a call to set up a free half hour consultation.


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