Divorce and Family Law: Agreed Divorce

Settling a divorce by agreement of the parties is one of the least stressful and lowest cost means of getting divorced. The parties get to agree to how to divide the property and the times and length of child visitation. If you go fight it out in court, the judge decides, and they may not decide for you.

I work with you to identify your needs and figure out any potential problems. Then I work with your former spouse or their attorney to get what is fair for you. If necessary, I will represent you in formal mediation with an experienced family law mediator.

Even in an agreed divorce it is important to have representation. There are many issues that people are not aware of prior to getting involved in a divorce. This lack of knowledge can lead to loss of property or loss of rights. I will guide you through these potential pitfalls.

Sometimes even good people can disagree. If negotiations fail, then I will aggressively argue your case in court.

If you want me to help you with your agreed divorce, then call me to set up a free half hour consultation.


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