My Philosophy

For years I have been helping many good people, just like you, resolve their Washington State Legal Issues. My name is Jeff Rupert, I am an Attorney and I will fight for you. I am committed to the fundamental ideal that you should have the best representation possible. You are entitled to effective council and an aggressive defense. Your case is not hopeless. You should never wait to obtain an Attorney; very important timelines need proper immediate attention and an attorney to protect you and your rights.

Why Call Me Right Away?

You have nothing to lose and everything to protect. Most legal issues are serious matters with far-reaching consequences to you, your family, and your freedom. Call today and schedule an appointment to see me as soon as possible so that you can get the help you need.

What Cities Do I Practice Law In?

My office is located in downtown Burien, but I practice law in most major court systems along the Puget Sound Corridor. If you have a case pending in court right now or have a recent arrest or have been involved in an accident, call me right away. I can determine if you really need my legal assistance. You deserve to be treated fairly and attended to expeditiously. As a member of the Washington State Bar Association, I can assist you in obtaining proper representation for your situation.



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